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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Return to Painting

Well, after a long hiatus i am back at the painting table. I have several work stations in my Studio, (not the least of which is just the floor), and many interested parties for one reason or another have wanted to see how i work. Well the process may not be as glamorous as all those avant garde images we have of Pollock flinging paint in a large worn paint splattered warehouse, or some converted New Jersey sausage factory, but it's my little bit of chaos ...
new images are on the way-

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My NEW Blog!:

Ok all,, if you are reading this then you might be looking for my latest ANIMATIONs. if so, go to

it's the NEW THING,

it seems i need to organize my disparate personalities into a less 'hunt and peck middle mouse scroll' interface.
So for now all my Animation ramblings and efforts will be posted in this new shiny Blog and my Art/Decay will stay at "Downtime". Someday i will master the world of the interweb and harness it's vastness for my purposes. Until then i will stumble along creating multiple Me's.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Hunger Artist pt.1

Well it's FINALLY up. after all these years i got off my lazy ^#*&$)#&_*!@#^ and posted the 1st part of my Short Film, The Hunger Artist. It took 4yrs, on and off, as i still had to earn money. It won many awards and did pretty well over all out there in the Festival Circuit world. I did the whole thing cradle to grave in my warehouse, but i had great help from Frank Petzold, Shawn Brennan, and Blaise Smith (who did the fantastic sound track).

more to come...