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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Return to Painting

Well, after a long hiatus i am back at the painting table. I have several work stations in my Studio, (not the least of which is just the floor), and many interested parties for one reason or another have wanted to see how i work. Well the process may not be as glamorous as all those avant garde images we have of Pollock flinging paint in a large worn paint splattered warehouse, or some converted New Jersey sausage factory, but it's my little bit of chaos ...
new images are on the way-


Valiant V said...

you forgot to include blurred images of harper and tucker running around you and the table :)

Jess Morris said... do and your family eat a lot of chicken so you can continue to add bones to your collection? ;P Nice working space! I wish I had a place to spread out and work like this.